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The worst things Nigerians said to Abba Kyari for acting like an Errand boy 😣

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Firstly the errand boy own really got us 😓 all this is because Abba Kyari took bill to London for President Buhari to sign. What annoyed Nigerians is the fact that Vice President Osinbajo was in the country while all this went one.

Read the worst things they said about the whole issue

Abba Kyari took Bill to Buhari in London to sign. What is the essence of the office of Vice President if he cannot act while the President is away?

This errand boy bypasses the VP when the president is out of the country in order to sign a bill into law in London. The recklessness and arrogance of these people sha.

Well done. Abba Kyari, Vice President Administration. Vice President Academics would be somewhere in Daura or Ilesha giving his speech on why we are where we are. 2023 na the end of all of you all.

According To Buharideens; Buhari Doesn’t Need To Transmit Power To Osinbajo, Having Abba Kyari Is Enough! He even Wore Suit.

Why on earth would overzealous (oversabi) Malam Abba Kyari board an aircraft (highly likely with tax payers money) to London for the President (who is on a private leave) to sign a bill into law while fully knowing that the VP is around. Total disregard and disrespect to the VP.

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