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The parental leash: Are Parents training their children in the right way?

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The parental leash: Are Parents training their children in the right way?

Majority of Nigerian parents have the life of their children planned out from birth and sometimes before the child is even born. Though parents are caretakers for their children, parents should consider the fact that their children have a choice to make when it comes to their future, the responsibilities of parents in the lives of their children are; to advice, provide their needs, support, mentor and groom them these and more will definitely enable them to make wise decisions in life.

Parents lead or train their children to their own taste forgetting that every child has his/ her own purpose in life; they restrain their children to do their bidding not minding the disaster they are causing to their future. Over protecting a child in most cases doesn’t make the child well groomed rather it leaves room for the imagination of the child to go wild; once there is a little window of opportunity he/ she wants to try every trick in the book.

Some parents cajole their children into a certain career not minding the feelings of the child and when the struggles set in, the entire fault is on the child whose opinion was not considered. The career path of every child should exclusively be the child’s decision as he/ she knows his strength/ weakness and has foresight of who he wants to become in future. Parents/ Guardians are saddled with the responsibility of advising and supporting the children in their preferred career.

In the aspect of religion, children should not be forced to remain in their parents religious sect. If they agree to stay, they should be allowed the opportunity to participate actively in the necessary activities as this builds their faith and understanding of that particular religious believe.
This is the 21st century, parents need to communicate more with their children. At some point the facts about life, sex and the world in general need to be discussed with these children. If you don’t, someone else will and the result might be disastrous. Our children will grow at some point, let them make their mistakes sometimes and learn the hard way; let them mingle with their mates; support their goals and also set realistic standards for them to live by.

Conclusively, a dog on leash once released usually runs around sniffing all nooks and crannies; though it comes back to the owner, it will never be the same as it has tasted freedom. No slave tastes freedom and remains the same person. This is the fate of some of the children tied down by their parents; once the leave the nest, they either fall apart, get lost in the real world or get influenced. In other words, parents should try to understand, interact, advice and support their children to be who they want to be instead of choosing their dreams and leashing them along to actualize their own dreams (the parents dreams).
Let’s allow our children to breathe and not suffocate them!!!!!!!!

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