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The Citizens deserve a better Nigeria

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Yes the citizens deserve a Better Nigeria and can it be achieved?
I keep wondering about what people usually say about better Nigeria, but why don’t they ask theirselves what it is all about and how that vision can come true but they keep blaming the head which is the President without knowing their duties and responsibilities they owe the country particularly.

The citizens of Nigeria need to know the qualities Nigeria deserve to acquire before they can obtain the stability of being better or being among the Developed counties.
What the citizens need to know about better Nigeria is that this country should be corruption free. This quality need to begin from our citizens, this can be shun if our citizens make up their mind to make this a success.

Citizens should try as much as they could in order to keep this country forward and up going. We really need to know some of the things citizens need to do for better Nigeria. Citizens need to shun social vices which result to shedding blood, cutting each other. This social vices has become rampant in Nigeria and it is seen to have been one among the chief causes of why Nigeria is tending towards a wrong way or direction.

Citizens do know the difference between bad and good so it is expected of them to choose the right track in order for this country to get it right and competiton with the countries in the Western world. The citizens should shun this social vices totally in order to help boost the growth of this Nation.

Citizens choose not to vote during Elections because they feel their vote would not count but they do not know that their votes can help change the country. They will complain that the wrong person is in power but they will never have a re-think of what they have done.
Citizens of this wonderful Nation should try as much as they could to cast their votes during Elections, and they should support electoral candidates and never to discourage them with their poor thinking.

Education is very important. Here, people who are not educated usually envy those who are progressing because of education, they usually plan bad against the educated people in some places.
Citizens are meant to acquire education certificates or skill acquisition so that they can boost development in the country and also avoid laziness.
I know nobody knows everything, at this juncture I rest my case seeking for the co operation of our citizens to help follow this things discussed above and still find more remedy to this terrible situation this country is facing right now.
I believe if we co operate the work load will be light.

By Ugorji Wilson Ejikeme

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