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The Biblical examples of Mentorship -Mike

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Moses Joshua model: Moses trained and mentored Joshua till he later took over from him. Exo 17:8-16, Joshua 1:1-6
Eli Samuel model: Samuel was mentored by Eli. He even lived with Eli till he became a man. 1 Sam 2:11

Jesus and the twelve model: Jesus choose 12 men that he used to set up Christianity.
Peter and John mark model: early church history technically assert that John Mark was a companion of Peter and this relationship led him to write the Gospel of Mark

Paul and Silas and Timothy model : Paul took these “small” brethren as his children in the Lord. 1Tim 1:2


PHYSICAL RELATIONSHIP MENTORSHIP: the mentor and the mentee have physical contact regularly and even know each other before now.
ONLINE MENTORSHIP: mentorship where both mentor and mentee may not have a physical contact but meet regularly online especially on social media sites and they relate.
QUIET MODE MENTORSHIP: here the mentor does not know that he has mentees who are closely watching him and quietly modelling their lives styles to that of the mentor.

Your life as a Christian leader should attract people to come to you for mentorship.
Your life as a youth should motivate an elder brother in faith to volunteer to mentor you.
Jesus is the greatest mentor on who ever lived this planet. Just in three years he turned fishermen into great evangelist that started Christianity that has reached us today.


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