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The best things they said about Anthony Joshua after his big win

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Anthony Joshua reclaimed his world title after beating Andy Ruiz in an interesting fight last night making him a two time world champion.

At the bell of the 12th round, Joshua strutted around the ring, already certain he had entered an elite club of boxers to lose the heavyweight title and then immediately win it back, alongside Floyd Patterson and Muhammad Ali. Once it was confirmed, he faced the crowd and gave thanks to all the usual boxing people—the promoter, his team, his opponent—and then some unusual boxing people, the kingdom’s royal family.

By defeating Andy Ruiz Jr., he enters an elite club of boxers to lose the heavyweight title and immediately win it back.

Meanwhile Andy Ruiz Jr apologises and admits to poor preparation for his rematch with Anthony Joshua.

Andy Ruiz

After his big win a lot has been said, read below;

Anthony Joshua showed he’s capable of changing his fighting style to implement different fight plans. Joshua showed a very high boxing IQ. It makes future fights with Fury & Wilder so much more intriguing. Very impressive.

Anthony Joshua. Great mentality. He took an L. He didn’t blame anyone. He didn’t say anyone imposed Ruiz Jr on him. He focused, trained harder, switched strategy and came back with a master class tactical victory! 

Anthony Joshua showed a extreme discipline and ring IQ throughout the fight. Learnt the lessons of the last fight, worked on it and grew massively. Joshua is back to the top. Heavyweight Champion again! 

The stunning comeback of Anthony Joshua reaffirms the fact that winners are not those who are too strong to fail or fall; it is rather those who possess the ability to dust themselves up and rise again each time they fail or fall, because failure sometimes occur even to winners.

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