The #Internationalmensday was marked around the world on the 19th of November and we think the men needs to see this and know this too;

Father, tell me now
and tell me till dawn
tell me of main men
before their women

Did you know the lad Lincoln
till someone said the young Macron
yet, tells of Anaximander, Plato, Alexander
and their fortified walls of gander

Tell me of bravery with class
and the cowardice in wine glass
may I know who Grandpa was
and why he never rode or cruise

Father, tell me now
and tell me till I grow
the ruin in the zeal of men
how heroes fall if legends live, all omen
how strength wilt if meekness flourish

All ailing men awake, wake your walk
wake every foot in Trinidad and Tobago
Australia, Jamaica and India on the go

Tell all tales, of your men
tell them of your boys
yell to the world,
I am my father
an African domain.

Source: Erudite writers/Marcel

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