Happy Sunday fam, hope you kept the sabbath day holy???

Many questions, critics have been laid on the church with condemnation and more. On Sunday study we are asking and analysing;

What is the essence of Churches, is it to preach to us or to push us a away, is the church for the rich or for the poor. is it possible for a man struggling for his family to go to church without being ask for some sort of offering that is beyond him.

Is the church the place for us to find out who is richer or who is poorer. All jokes aside right now, what is the church turning into or has it always been like this, when we go to church we are ask to pay tithe for the church, we go to church we are ask to donate for the pastor but what if you don’t have all this things, you will  be segregated.

The so called Men of God expect you to serve them first then God will answer your prayer. The Church has become like a market square where you buy and sell goods but the difference is that you are paying for God’s grace, which i believe is very awkward.

Sounds crazy right but it is true pastors bring so called “holy items” and put them for sale and trust me it is never cheap extremely expensive and the worse part is the false hope you are giving, they tell you it will heal “this” or “that”

The analysis goes on and on but with all these the question now is what is the fate of a carpenter in the church and are Christians tired of the church?

Drop your opinions #Sundaystudy


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