Building capacity


The subtitle involves everyone, be it a comedian, artiste, doctor, politician, lecturer, student, etc.

Everyone needs to build his or her capacity. This is not like exam where someone else would sit for you while you’re somewhere drinking fanta and Burger. In mathematics, when given a problem to solve during exam, the teacher will write on the question script ‘show workings’. That’s how it is in building capacity.

Let me start by defining the word Building, Capacity.
Building : is the act or process of building – a close structure with walls and roof.
Capacity: is the ability to absorb.
Capacity is about growth – grow of the individual in knowledge, skills and experience.
Building Capacity: is the process of developing and strengthening of skills, instincts, abilities, processes, and resources that organisations and communities need to survive, adapt and thrive in the fast changing world.

Having define building, capacity and Building capacity. A base has been established. Let’s talk.

From the definition of building capacity take note of ‘the process of developing and strengthening’.
It is a process thing, if you’re asked to count 1-10. You can’t count 1,2,6,8,9and 10 and expect a round of applause from your co students or teacher. You must follow the process.
There is this principle I call 3D principles
1. Discover
2. Develop
3. Deliver

The act of discovery doesn’t take much input. It comes out freely. The act of developing is main factor here. Most people don’t want to stay too long developing themselves.

In music, immediately you learn how to sing with key c and f, you feel you’ve known it all. Years back when I was learning keyboard 🎹 immediately we learn our scales, started playing doh, rah, and sah added it tu ru ru we felt we’ve learn the keyboard. Going to ministries to play become a sole aim. But we haven’t start not even talking of start or starting.

The deliver point is where everyone who had discover his talent wants to be.
I can still remember vividly when I started comedy, my first ever performance I performed was very good judging from the response I got but today it didn’t even sound fun or funny cracking those same jokes. What happened? Development!
When I started I meet Nigeria ace comedian KO baba to carry me along and give me platform to showcase myself, the word used then (laughs).
He told me to give him a clip of my performance, I promised bringing the next performance video but it didn’t work out.. On our second meeting he told me straight the platform am performing you can’t perform there if you want to grow. He further advised I follow this person and that person. If I improve he will take up from there. Mehn, the work got started. I tried the little I could. Na who wan give you platform na? Comedy wasn’t the way it is now.
I begged a senior colleague Chris bee to perform in event ko baba will be attending, he agreed reaching that day he turned me down. At some point Ko baba became the host of the event and he said ‘I will introduce a new act to perform, people said he is funny but I haven’t seen him perform before. Then I was tapped by the host, Chris bee, you’re coming up next. I said okay. I went up the stage performed. Though it was funny shai but I believe he didn’t see it from the funny aspect, he was actually checking my originality and creativity. I left there getting a promise from another colleague to become an opening act in his comedy show.
That is a discovery point for me and I am still developing and delivering till date.
That doesn’t tell of building capacity abi? but every building starts with a foundation. That was my foundation.

The fact you did very well at 100 capacity is never a guarantee that you will do well when given 1,000 capacity to perform likewise the fact you started with 1,000 capacity up ward. 100 capacity could be a challenge for you.

In the definition of building capacity, it a process of developing and strengthening. That’s where strengthening comes to play. You developed, yes no doubt, but need to strengthen in that area. You always perform at 100 capacity and there is a call to perform at 500 capacity. You need to strengthen yourself. there is additional 400 capacity added to your usual crowd (100). You’ve developed 100 capacity but if you didn’t strengthen yourself on the 100. Delivery at the 500 will be a challenge. You came early, was called up to perform, I did very well and you’re just coming and they are giving me mic to perform immediately are to two different things. One is development and the other is strengthening. You ability to perform and deliver in an impromptu situation tells you’ve strengthen yourself.

Nigeria ace comedian Basket Mouth posted a video of Dandizzy on his instagram page with the write up ‘who is this? The boy wRAPped up the beginning of the month like the 31st’. Dandizzy in his comments said ‘he performed in (basket mouth) event in PH, bovi show and a night with the governor.
The question is what happened?
I came to your house, you didn’t notice my act. I did same at your best friend house, you didn’t notice me.
I stayed in my own house and you noticed me and was even looking for me. That’s the act or process of strengthening.

Have you noticed that am not on bill on my boss KO baba major events?
Yes, he is my boss but am not on his bill. Don’t be too quick to hit stardom.
Since January 1st I performed at Night of a thousand laugh, 3rd January at Port Harcourt comedy club which he was present under my performances. He’s been watching.
We talked weeks back and he express his satisfaction on my delivery, saying this and that that will help me sustain and do more.
Promised billing me on events.
The question is what happened?
Capacity has been built.

A councillor in a ward can’t directly pick a governorship ticket. He builds his capacity to that level serving in lga, becoming a commissioner, house of assembly, etc to gives him the exposure and experience.
Neither, will a potential lawyer after spending four to five years in school will go directly to the court to depend or prosecute a case. He has to drive capacity going to law school, etc.

One thing is to start and the other is to build capacity.
Capacity is the ability to receive.
You must have the accurate container for the content.


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