Instagram is widely known as one of the fastest growing social media platforms that can be used to optimize a brand presence online. However, if not properly used, it might have more harmful than helpful effects for the brand. Below are some few tips to know when using Instagram for your brand.

  • Clear & Attractive Image/Videos
    Your image is most likely the first thing your audience sees on Instagram. So, place emphasis on ensuring that your image is of a very good quality. Use attractive and inviting colors that would give your audience another reason to scroll through your timeline. Ensure that your image/video is not blurred.


  • Attractive & Engaging Captions
    Your caption should always be inviting and engaging enough for followers to interact with your brand. It’s not enough for them to just like your picture, they need to be able to drop a comment to tag someone else. People won’t be able to do this if the caption is not engaging enough to interact with. The more engaging captions you have, the higher your chances of attracting more followers on your account and increasing the online presence for your brand.


  • Use Hash-tags
    Hash-tags gives your brand visibility online and enables more Instagram users to quickly discover your content. With hashtags, your content becomes more visible during a search to audiences interested in your industry. It also helps you form or builds a community for that interest. For example, Coca-Cola is known for the hashtags, #ShareACoke,  #ShareHappiness. Other people also use the hashtags, but are not necessarily a benefactor of Coca-cola, however when a search on these hashtags is conducted, the Coca-Cola brand is likely to come up as they have been able to generate a community from it.


  • Consistent Photo Feed
    Your Instagram photos should always follow a theme to remain consistent and attract more followers. You can use graphics tools or work with a professional graphic designer and or a professional photographer. An account with a good photo feed serves as a high reference point for the customers. When they need to remember something related to your brand offerings, they’ll be quick to visit your page.


  • Instagram Stories
    Similar to Snapchat, you can optimize your Instagram account with images/videos stories that expire after 24 hours. You can share behind-the-scenes footage and other interactive posts that might not necessarily flow with the account’s feed.


  • Instagram Carousel
    Did something exciting and would like to posts several photos at once but are worried about it manipulating the feel of your feed? The carousel feature enables you to upload pictures in an album style. This ensures your page remains in its attractive state.

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