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We all most survive Valentine’s Day…lol

Let’s talk about Love shall we? February is the world acclaimed month of Love amongst other things, everyone knows it, even a child knows it.

It can get really tiring and frustrating especially with couples boldly professing their love for one another.

If you are single, in a situationship (yeah, I said that), a long distance relationship, this can be a really trying time for us.

Its easier and more tempting to become discontent, to settle for less or to keep dwelling/hanging around a dead relationship.

During this period, I believe it’s best to actively put yourself first and remind yourself of your worth and that you are happy in this season.

Here’s how we do this boldly and like a boss
  • Remember why you are single

You are single because you haven’t met the right person and not because you are undesirable. With  all the pressure going around, its easy to forget your many marvelous attributes and you may even begin to wonder if you being single isnt your fault.

Far from it, you are desirable, remind yourself of this every moment of every day. Remind yourself that you are single simply because you havent found the right one and not because you aren’t worthy of love.

  • Remind yourself that being single is fun:

You can do what you want, when you want it without having to really consider how it affects anyone. You can stay out late or early, you can switch off/disconnect from the world without worrying how your partner will take it. You can make new friends and connect/spend time with more people. You have yourself to yourself, you can kick back on a quiet night and watch a movie (Netflix and chill with yourself). You get to spend more quality time with you, which is AMAZING.

  • Remind yourself that you do not have to settle for less than what you want:

Like that guy/girl who has been making passes at you but you are not interested suddenly its almost Valentines day and you are beginning to think of settling.

NO! this is the worst time to be thinking, don’t even go there, never settle, you deserve a partner that sparks something in you, you deserve passion and love and you owe yourself those things. So please remind yourself that you don’t want this person, stop talking to them for a while if you have to, to avoid hasty and wrong decisions. If you need to enlist a friend to keep you straight and narrow, then do that.

  • Take care of you:

Valentines day is for lovers right? You love yourself right? So why, why arent you dressing up to work?

Why aren’t you booking a mani/padi sessions for yourself? Why aren’t you scheduling an at home movie date with yourself? Why arent you getting yourself a gift?

Please remind yourself that you don’t need to be in a relationship  to take care of you! So go ahead and spoil yourself, be your own valentine. Spend time with you, read, drink a glass or a bottle of wine, do whatever you want that makes you really happy.


  • Stay away from things/people that will trigger you:

Vals day is not the day to do anything outside or at public places especially if you are having a hard time.

Forget that hard girl/boy front, if you know you are not doing good or you are having a hard time dealing with being single on Valentines Day. Then please do not be found around any restaurants or popular Vals day locations.

Yes do fun things but do them in your house or in places that won’t trigger you to do something unwanted. Like (answer that I miss you/booty call text from that dude from last year who you know won’t call back, only for you to wake up on the 15th and start asking what are we now?).

  • Lastly Vals Day is not the time to be refreshing Instagram and pinterest obsessively:

It’s not the day to visit Bella Naija, infact stay away from any relationship/wedding based Social Media pages and blogs. Doing this will prevent you from going crazy, remind yourself that saying  NO and staying away from things that serve you is a part of Self Love.

By Beautiful Almond

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