Francis Uzoho, Super Eagles goalkeeper, and his partner have welcomed a son. The 21-year-old footballer shared the good news on his Instagram page yesterday.

Francis took to his Instagram page to share the good news with his fans when he posted a picture of his wife in the hospital.

Francis captioned the picture; ” Welcome to the world son #first son# pinky na woman you be jare @soomieuzoho IN CHRIST ALONE “

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Have you ever heard of shaken baby syndrome?

A few years ago… a guy i dated told me about his younger sister who was an imbecile.

Basically… this girl will be around 21 years old now but she has the mind of a 2 year old or less. She cries and sits on the floor… pees and poops herself… eats with crumbs and smears all over he body… etc…

When we talked deeper… i asked him when it started. He told me that the girl seemed normal and developed normally till about 8 months old.

Then they had a party one night and after that day… she started having a swelling in her head and fluid had to be drained from the swelling and she simply stopped developing mentally.

From his perspective… its probably fetish. Witches and wizards.

So i did some research on how a previously healthy child can suddenly become brain damaged.

Then last week a friend sent me a video that reminded me of my research back then… i thought i would share.

If you are one of those who throw babies up into the air… shake them… or turn them upside down… you need to know that you are endangering that child.


His brain is not fused in his head yet. Basically… the brain of a baby can bounce around in his head like a pingpong. So if you shake the child… the brain will bounce around and injuries can happen internally. You can even damaged your childs brain.

What i suspect happened to my ex boyfriends sister?

Remember there was a party with many family members around? Everyone wanted to hold the little child. Everyone played with her… threw her into the air and shook her around.

If only one person had handled her… maybe she would be fine. But because so many people were repetitively shaking her around, the brain bounced around too much and the result was the injury, swelling and then the brain damage.

If you dont know… now you know!



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