Arinze Samuel


The younger sister to popular celebrity blogger Linda Ikeji is outraged after a caterer served the “worse food of all time” at her wedding.

Sandra Ikeji and husband Arinze Samuels tied the knot at a lovely traditional wedding in Owerri, Imo State on Saturday, December 28.

The couple had hired the services of Amanda Grace’s catering but her delivery, apparently, did not meet Sandra’s expectation, prompting the bride to call out the caterer on social media.

Sandra aside from warning potential clients of Grace to flee from her bad services also and admonished her to go back to catering school to sharpen her culinary skills.

Reacting to the bride’s claim that some of her guests purged after consuming food served at the wedding, Grace expressed her utmost disappointment in Sandra for subjecting her to public ridicule.

The caterer, who was shocked at Sandra’s attempt to crumple her business, explained circumstances regarding her client’s allegation, saying, aside from fried rice which got sour and was not served “every other food was served and we carried empty coolers home”.

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