Amber Heard


So Pirates of the Carribean star Johnny Depp is taking Amber Heard to court over her allegations of domestic abuse.
The actor is accusing his former wife, who he was married to for less than two years, of defamation of character. He claims that the alleged domestic abuse Heard detailed in a Washington Post perspective was all part of an “elaborate hoax.”

Johnny Depp’s lawsuit against the star alleges that it was not him who committed acts of domestic violence, but Amber. “Ms. Heard violently abused Mr. Depp, just as she was caught and arrested for violently abusing her former domestic partner,” the court documents read.

As for her motivations behind the alleged false allegations, the movie star claims that she concocted her story in the hopes of generating “positive publicity” and to “advance her career.” .
He backs up his assertions that he is innocent by claiming that her abuse claims were “conclusively refuted by two separate responding police officers, a litany of neutral third-party witnesses, and 87 newly obtained surveillance camera videos.”

Meanwhile, Johnny Depp’s career allegedly faced losses as a consequence of Heard’s actions. He claims that days after she published her piece in the Washington Post he was dropped from his role on Pirates of the Carribean.
Because of the alleged damage to his career Depp is suing Heard for defamation and asking for damages in excess of $50,000,000.

Gbam! Serious wahala

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