200 Bridesmaids


Nigerian events planner Sandra Ikeji has reportedly broken the record for the most bridesmaids at a wedding after using 200 bridesmaids for her wedding train.

The sister of popular blogger Linda Ikeji married her husband on Saturday 11th January at the Landmark event centre, Lagos.

It is reported that Sandra’s wedding has broken the Guinness World Record for most bridesmaids in a wedding.

She had 32 more bridesmaids that the previous record holder Tina Ackles from the USA.

Sandra has often said that she had always wanted the longest train of bridesmaids at her wedding and she made it happen.

It is believed that she gathered these ladies from friends, family and employees of companies including a modeling agency she has run since 2004.

She also shared a photo of herself filling the application on the Guinness Record website for most bridesmaids record a few days earlier.

See Photos Of The Application & Wedding Below:

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