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#Sundayvibes: Daddy Freeze claims on Pastors eating off from their members without working

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#Sundayvibes: Daddy Freeze claims on Pastors eating off from their members without working…

When Daddy Freeze started trending two days ago in relation to hanging out and eating with Hushpuppi who was accused and arrested for fraud early this month we knew he would have a deep response on the issue.

While people were sharing their thoughts and opinions on the matter, the broadcaster, journalist, YouTuber and preacher was cooking a message for the people.

We carefully watched and there was a part he said that the Pastors are eating off from the members which made us to wonder what business does the Nigerian Pastors do aside from ministering to the people.

Every Sunday we see them on the pulpit preaching the word from different Bible quotes but from Monday to Friday we dont see them in offices or any work place.

No doubt they made the church their office as during the weekdays special services and prayer meetings are held for members to attend.

We know some Pastors have a side hustle/business but what  those ones who do not have any form of business. Are they building the church or a building themselves???

Let’s know what you think and watch the video below;

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