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#SundayMotivation: Dear Child take note from the Sunday Study desk

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We havent been coming through with our Sunday Study but today we are for a Dear Child, Read the message;

Dear Child, We know that many are called but few are CHOSEN, but what we failed to get from the gist of the message was that the chosen ones are those who made certain decisions …decisions so unbelievable, they were considered foolish, irrelevant and a burden to the society…

Dear Child, I want you to know that soon after you accept Him, you will learn that here we make choices at every phase and time… you cannot run away from the obligation of choosing, neither can you delegate it to another… These choices will either make or mar you… look closely dear child..don’t fight time.. instead trust the light you see.. it will soon illuminate deep inside you and the world will will see..HE will be glad

What you seek is not as necessary as what truly matters, I might as well take the entire time on earth understanding and appreciating What and Who truly matters…
And so, dear child, if you are given the choice of being a king and the option of being a slave for Christ, don’t stoop to be a king…Be the privileged bondservant..

TheWord: Galatians 2:20, Deuteronomy 30:19

Theophany Abidde is a law student who has passion to share the love of Christ through her pen. Her desire to know him better is fueled by conferences, retreats and books all which she believes are led by the Holy Spirit.

You can connect with her on @colour_me_courage and

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