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Sunday Study: Men of the secret place; explaining Pestilence

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Our text assures us that God delivers His own from deadly *pestilence*

Pestilence is summarily any epidemic disease with a high death rate – mostly transmitted from animals to humans and passes on from human to human (Word Web Dictionary)

The worrisome COVID-19 as well as the many diseases around us today may be “new” BUT there is really nothing new under the sun *(Ecc 1:9)*. Pestilence has always come upon mankind.

God may cause pestilence or may allow it happen when men bring it upon themselves. He has power to stop it whenever it pleases Him. He protects His chosen ones from it and delivers nations from pestilence. God definitely uses pestilence to achieve His will (a higher purpose).

*What is the reason for today’s pestilence?*
Truth is, we may never know for sure. Perhaps we may understand it better later in life. But whether or not we do, there is *one* thing expected of us.

*Remain (dwell) in the secret place of the Most High*

As we remain faithful servants of the One and Wise God, let us remember:

=> worship Him always
=> live in the beauty of His holiness
=> praise ceaselessly
=> pray ceaselessly and for those affected to recover (this is not a time to wish death on anyone, not even the politicians we might think are bad)
=> Rejoice evermore
=> Fear not, Trust God, Encourage one another, Preach
=> Do not be “righteous-for-now” because you think it is the end of the world. Draw nearer to God sincerely for who He is.

We know all the qualities of those who dwell in the secret place of God. Let us pursue them.

The God of heaven is ever faithful and He has promised to hear and honour men of the secret place when we pray. (Psa 91:14-16).

Are you a man/woman of the secret place?

This is not a time to look at the TV. It is time to look unto the hills. *Psa 121*

Are you on your bed or on you knees?

May God bless you as you join other men of the secret place to intercede for our brethren, families and the sinful world.

May our prayers be heard and our faithful worship be accepted of the Most High in Jesus name. Amen.

By Bro. Nwamanah Gentle

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