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Sunday Study: Developing a Mission field

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A mission field is defined as a location where a Christian throws in his influence to spread the gospel of Christ. As a Christian, your congregation is first your primary mission field. It is here you worship and submit yourself to be used to the glory of God. But there is still the secondary mission field. It is any location other than your place of primary mission where you can exert your influence to grow it to a standard that will be pleasing to Christ.

Out of about 5300 congregations in Nigeria, over 3000 are not standing well in terms of leadership and infrastructure. It is your responsibility as a strong Christian to identify a mission field and develop it. All you need to do is visit with a small rural congregation and worship with them. The visit will open your eyes to their area of need.

I visited Ukpagada congregation on the 1st of July 2013 and met them in worship. Their previous week collection was N400 and the attendance in worship that day was 27 including children. Ukpagada was adopted as my mission field and today the story is positively different to the glory of God. 5 years down the line, a relatively unknown congregation in Ogoja and Nigeria is now a hub of fellowship in Nigeria.

The import of this write-up is to motivate all those who are doing well and concentrated in big congregations in townships not to idle about and being underutilized. Sometimes even to be appointed to pray for the congregation in a whole month is a tug of war.
There is no need to hide your potential in a place when there is so much lack and want elsewhere. Just imagine the exponential growth that will impact on the church if 2000 brethren in Nigeria identify and develop their mission field.
The quest to develop a mission field does not affect the membership status of the mission field developer. He can still worship in his congregation and only extend his service or his money to the mission field.
There are places that N5000 monthly can give hope and happiness to the minister. As at today, one brother is supporting a newly planted congregation at Ukpe planted by Ukpagada 5000 monthly to support her preacher, a Cameroonian refugee who is a trained minister.
There are places that you can take up once a month teaching on a theme in one year, you have impacted on them twelve undiluted messages.
There are congregations without a worship assembly and it will take them 20 years to build one. Just an assistance from one Big brother, the rest is history.
Be rest assured that God will ask you to give account of what he has blessed you with.
Think deep and think of a mission field to develop now that you are having the funds.

By: Mike Udam

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