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#Stopthesoot: How Port Harcourt residents are dying slowly by Bloomgist

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SootThe City of Port Harcourt has been completely taken over by black soot, an airborne contaminant which is a result of crude oil exploitation. These range from massive oil spills to acid rains from gas flaring as well as the activities of security agencies who burn off illegally bunkered petroleum products.

For more than two years, both the federal and state governments have only resorted to window dressing to address the prevailing issue of the blanket of black soot that has covered Port Harcourt.

Residents insists that since the government cannot provide them with jobs, clean up the environment and save them from these health dangers while milking them of their oil, the only solution they have is to make money from it the way they can while making available the products to the people.

Security agencies continued to employ dastard and extremely reckless methods for the disposal and destruction of petroleum products seized from illegal oil bunkerers. Sometimes they recklessly burn off the products while at others times, they empty thousands of containers bearing oil products directly into the seas and Rivers.

Watch Documentary below;


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