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#SSMW2018: About “Building Creativity in Content Creation” at South South media week

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The South South media week has been on from the 23rd of September and it’s expected to end on the 29th of September 2018. There have been many interesting sessions since Day 1 which most of the attendees are learning a lot from.

We were live for Building Creativity in Content Creation hosted by Karena Youdiowei and this everything you need to know about the session;

The panelist that came through were; Habibba igbafe, Henshaw Jacobson, Kelvin Joseph.

There were so many things to look out for during the course of the event, especially the questions and answer segment handled by the host, some intresting argument made based on the fact that bloggers in potharcourt don’t have enough content to show and are not doing enough to influence people of portharcourt (influencers) and another key point of the section was questions asked by the audience mostly bloggers.

One of the questions asked by the host was the challenges facing sponsorship in portharcourt and from the panelist Kelvin Joseph stated sponsors always look for what they can gain from you if there are to sponsor your event and that’s the truth. He said sponsors are hoping to gain more if they are to sponsor your event that’s quite true if look at it closely from a sponsors view, the section was very intresting and interactive and the audience enjoyed every bit of it. Shortly after that was the picture segment.

You can watch the live streaming to learn more,

The reviews from the audience, photos and more

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