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Some important facts said after Omotola opinion came up

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Nigerian Actress Omotola reacted to the present situation of the government as been hellish under the President Buhari and Vice President Osinbajo regime and it’s like Omotola hurt some people’s feelings with that her statement.

Below is Omotola conversation between her and Bashir who is the personal assistant to the President on New media.

In as much as there was some critics her some important facts/opinions that the government needs to know after Actress Omotola said what’s on her mind.

Best ways we can shut Omotola up is to:
1. Provide stable power
2. Stop police brutality
3. Improve wealth acquisition
4. Sustain the peace in NorthWest
5. Grow our economy
6. Boost employment
7. Restructure more
8. Make Nigeria more habitable

We need to make Nigeria better.

Omotola said something every Nigerian including Bashir and all buharists know…and it’s not rocket science but simple economics. There’s no money in the system and it’s not because of corruption but simply because of clueless and bad economic policies. This govt is clueless.

Nigerians: 😭We are suffering

Omotola: ☹️Why must this present govt be making things hard for Nigerians???

Nigerians: 🙄omotola who told you we are suffering??😏abi senators no dey pay u again…. mtchewww

Omotola: 😥😥😥😥😥

Few days later

Nigerians: 😭😭End sars

If it was a foreigner who said this, she’ll be told to fix the problems in her country and not try to destructively criticize Nigerian leaders. Celebrities don’t talk and people say they’re not affected nor concerned. Now, #Omotola speaks her mind and we make her a chewing stick.

If Nigeria is as heavenly as some of the reactions to Omotola’s tweet suggest, who are the people running to Canada? Why is everyone, from office holders to anyone who can save up for a ticket working to have an American child? Can we at least even face our truths?

See another fact below;

We should tell ourselves the truth…..

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