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#Smwlagos; Ngozi Odita shares plans on 2020 social media week Lagos and Highlights of 2019

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Getting involved and being part of social media week Lagos is one of the interesting things that happened last month and we decided to share the experience for you to learn some things from.

Social Media Week Lagos is a week-long conference that explores media, technology, and how businesses, brands and people can navigate in a hyper-connected world. Founded in 2013, the conference has proved to be one of the most attended events of the year.

We spoke to one of the founders, Ngozi Odita who shared a little plan for social media week 2020 and talked the 2019 journey.

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Here are some things to learn from the 2019 edition from various session;

For Entrepreneurs;

Run your business like an organisation, Financial discipline very important, the best entrepreneurs are children, learn to be an entrepreneur if you are running a side hustle and a good business would never just fly there would be challenges.

For the Internet Society;

Add your voice to the Internet society and your environment also informs the story

For Art Ingenious storytelling;

Research is important, follow the people in which fields you want to play and also have in mind that Education is key.


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