Simi Shades Her Husband Adekunle Gold

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Sensational singer Simi has thrown slight shade at her husband Adekunle Gold for his inability to rap.

Simi who is very active on social media, responded to a video on twitter which showed a man rapping to his girlfriend’s makeup tutorial.

Simi jokingly asked her boo Adekunle Gold why he cannot do the same for her, saying “pls does he have 2 heads? Small rap, you can’t rap.”

Adekunle Gold then replied Simi’s tweet and told his wife to accept him for the amazing singer that he is.

He added that if his singing was not enough for her, she was free to go and marry American rapper J. Cole.

“Either you accept that I am just a fantastic singer or go and meet J cole. pick one” he said.

This funny exchange between the couple got their fans talking and gushing over how goofy and playful their relationship is.

Check out the interaction below:

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