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See what happened in Port Harcourt Big Brother Naija 2019 auditions

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To know what really happened in Big Brother Naija 2019 auditions for Port Harcourt we had to participate in the whole process and honestly speaking it was a crazy procedure.

In Port Harcourt the Big Brother Naija 2019 Auditions took place in Presidential Hotel, people started arriving from 4am but we got there by some minutes to 8 and the turnout was much.

Crew members started their work by 8.30 to 9 but it was slow because the crowd couldnt  be controlled, one thing we observed was the bouncers being too familiar with some of the aspiring housemates and it annoyed a lot of people who came every early.

The impatient crowd had to be picked in random because the ones in the front couldnt be controlled, so if you came late you could be lucky to go in an audition.

While observing we noticed some indecent dressing which some believe it could be a golden ticket to the house, some appeared like the housemates also thinking it could be a chance to be picked, dreadlocks was a common style especially from the men and also different types of coloured hair both male and female at the end you begin to wonder are these the people we would watch for the next 90 days well the judges know best.

Now back to the audition process, it was very slow and embarrassing to some people. Having a little interaction with some of the aspiring housemates we found out some were business owners who needed a platform so that people would know their business and properly get more connection. Most of the cars parked were not toy cars though and we overheard some very frustrated ones complaining on why such people should come for the audition when they have already made it..lol. Some had to leave cause it was shameful pushing, fighting, jumping over the fence and all just to be in the house and some believed that the housemates that would be in the house might not be among the crowd…

We could go on and on but our advice to the organisers is to do better in the audition process next year..

Refresh for the Big Brother Naija 2019 Auditions day 2

The update;

For Day 2, the audition process was a little bit better. All the aspiring housemates were made to stand outside before being allowed to enter the venue as a result to yesterday’s experience.

Many people used their Permanent Voters card (PVC) to enter but were bounced out when they met the team after requesting for International passport.

After all the hectic procedure the audition ended around 12am or later than that. Now we are waiting to see the selected housemates.

Big Brother Naija is a reality show where contestants live in a house for about four months while competing for a cash prize and other mouth watering prizes.

Also we spoke to the aspiring housemates on the upcoming elections, their response would be featured on #Gistonthestreets which comes up the Youtube Channel soon

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