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See response Rotimi Amaechi got after making a report

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We have witnessed too many drama today though🤔 Former Governor of Rivers State and Minister of Transport Rotimi Amaechi got involved in a drama today after he was attacked by Nigerians in Spain.

Rotimi Amaechi made a report about his attack on social media and he wrote;

Some minutes ago, I was attacked by a few misguided Nigerians while on national assignment at a climate change event in Madrid, Spain. They were quickly repelled by the Spanish police before they could do any harm. I am fine. I was not hurt. Thanks for your support & prayers.

After making the reports see the response he got 😣

What are you doing in a climate change event? Are you The Minister of Environment? Abeg pack well

They are not misguided. They knew what they were doing. You should really be grateful for the Spanish police

These unfortunate idiots in power shld stop wasting scarce resources attending summits they have no idea what it is all abt.Rotimi Amaechi escaped lynching in Spain while attending climate change conference when generators stll power Aso rock.#ShamelessGoons

Rotimi Amaechi is happy that the Spanish Police saved him from the mob, but did his Govt build a police force that can respond in time to save him from an angry mob in Nigeria??

By the time Rotimi Amaechi is also stoned in his home state 🇳🇬 His only hiding place will be Duara where he decided to leave his unilegacy

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