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Secrets and how it really ended for Man City

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Man City shocked some people shaaa 😣 sorry oooo we have just been everywhere doing things that would make Gistalways greater 😕 that is why the gist is not coming in back to back but don’t worry we still very much available.

Now talking about the game of the weekend and Man City matter; these teams Manchester city, Liverpool and Tottenham surprised fans and really dominated in the Premier League.

They made us to look into the big teams like Arsenal, who had just recorded the competition’s first unbeaten season in more than a century; Chelsea, who had just been bought by Roman Abramovich, a Russian oligarch; and Manchester United, who had bagged 8 of the previous 11 titles. Between 1996 and 2011, these three clubs were the only ones to win the Premier League.

Now fans of the Gunners, the Blues and the Red Devils must worry that they might not get their hands on the trophy again for many years. The new sultans of the Premier League are Manchester City, who on May 12th sealed their fourth title in eight seasons—to the delight of Abu Dhabi’s royal family, who purchased the club in 2008. If City have become arguably the best team in English football history, collecting a record 100 points from a possible 114 last season and 98 this time around, then Liverpool are a close second. Liverpool’s finishing total of 97 points this season would have won them the title in any other year, but that is little consolation.

Liverpool can still look forward to the final of the Champions League, Europe’s most prestigious tournament, on June 1st. Their opponents will be Tottenham—who are some way behind them in the league, but have finished in the top four for a fourth consecutive season, a feat matched only by Manchester City.

On what has allowed the new trio to dominate English football well here is the secret; Big money is a big part of the answer. Manchester City’s spending spree between 2008 and 2012 included £520m ($675m) of transfer fees, more even than Mr Abramovich splurged in his first four years at Chelsea. Liverpool were rescued from the brink of bankruptcy in 2010 by Fenway Sports Group (FSG), an American company which also owns the Boston Red Sox, a baseball team. Since purchasing the club for a mere £300m, FSG has spent heavily. Estimates from 21st Club, a football consultancy, suggest that Liverpool pay over £300m in players’ wages and transfer fees every year, roughly as much as Mr Abramovich does.

The secret of the new trio’s success is not lavish spending, but wise investment. The leading trio have learned from the mistakes made by most other English clubs.

Teams in the Premier League are much richer than their counterparts in Europe’s “big five” leagues in Spain, Germany, Italy and France. According to Deloitte, a consultancy, nine of the 20 clubs with the largest annual revenues are English.

This wealth owes much to a combination of luck and shrewdness. The lucky part is that the league has always had at least three teams competing for the title, unlike the eternal duopoly of Barcelona and Real Madrid in Spain, and the near-monopoly of Bayern Munich in Germany, Juventus in Italy and Paris Saint-Germain in France. The shrewd bit is English clubs’ energetic marketing abroad, both in arranging pre-season tours and attracting foreign sponsors. Today, Asian fans are more likely to follow English clubs than those elsewhere. More Americans watch the Premier League than all other European leagues combined.

But English teams have squandered much of this wealth in the transfer market. When 21st Club plotted European teams’ spending on players against their results on the pitch .

Data from 21st Club show that Manchester City, Liverpool and Tottenham have now bucked this trend. Since 2016, the players they have signed up have been younger and less likely to come from Europe’s best clubs than those bought by Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal (see chart below). Taking a gamble on a very good player in his early twenties makes it more likely that a team will enjoy his best years, in his late twenties, especially if he becomes an extraordinary footballer. And bargaining transfer fees with a smaller club makes it more likely that an English club will secure a good deal.

The hiring competence of Manchester City, Liverpool and Tottenham has allowed them to punch above their weight financially, meaning that English teams are at last able to contest the crown of European football. Whatever happens on June 1st, an English team will win the Champions League for the first time in seven years.

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