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Samuel Ajayi: Oshiomhole; the emperor who forgot his own story

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Some months ago, some serving APC senators had gone to see the party chairman, Oshiomhole, in his Abuja office. He kept them waiting for hours and unknown to them (senators), he had given instruction to his security and personal aides to dismiss the lawmakers and ensure they left his waiting room.

Apparently aware of their status, the aides could not carry out the instruction. Thinking they had left, Oshiomhole came out of his office and saw the visitors.

Oshiomhole was livid and shouted at his aides.

“I said you should tell these guys to leave my office. I cannot see them.”

With the tail between their legs, the senators left his office.

This happened at the heat of party primaries when Oshiomhole and Bola Tinubu were playing gods.

When I wrote late last year that Oshiomhole was brought in as undertaker of APC, many thought I was exaggerating.

It was a complex political ‘horse trading’ between the hawks in the Presidency and Oshiomhole. The hawks had one aim: TO RETURN BUHARI AND ALSO WON SOME STATES, KANO IN PARTICULAR.

Oshiomhole and Tinubu were left to play Russian roulette with the party.

With 2023 in mind and already working towards the party convention delegate list of 2022, Oshiomohole and Tinubu wanted those who they could “do business” with in the National Assembly and some key state Government Houses. That is why someone would win primaries and they would give ticket to someone else. No surprise that even before inauguration, APC had lost not less than FIVE National Assembly seats.

And if Judiciary would do their work, they will lose more.

Now, the Zamfara Debacle had suddenly reminded the hawks in the Presidency that perhaps, Oshiomohole was given “too much free hand”.

And he must be cut to size!

If you think Senator Lawan Shuaibu wrote that letter on his own, then you don’t know politics.

If the hawks REALLY want him out, let Oshiomohole bow out. If not, he will be reminded, in an UNPLEASANT MANNER, the not so noble account of his stewardship in Edo State.

The knives are drawn already…

By Samuel O. Ajayi

And this article came up because of this video. Watch;


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