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#RoadtotheNigerianQueen2018: I will like to be the Queen for another 5 years -Sandra

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In a couple of hours  a new Queen would be crowned for the 10th edition of “The Nigerian Queen 2018” after beautiful Sandra Essiene hands over and finally gets ready to embrace the next chapter of her li

We caught up with her and this what she had to say;

Speaking on how the journey has been; she said it has been a roller-coaster ride, she is happy and sad at the same time and the experience has also taught her a lot. Would also love to be the Queen for another 5 years.

About the contestants for this year; some are good, some are getting there and some are not there yet. Its a mixture and has no clue who would win but the best is going to win tomorrow.

About the organisers and the preparations they made this year; no ratings for 001 entertainment, they just keep improving every year and she has followed them up since when they were known as Queen of Trust and also glad she is one of their Queens.

Plans after handing over; would take her time to enjoy life as a normal person and go into fashion business.

Advice to young ladies; If you have dreams and goals just go for it no matter how long it would take it would definitely pay off.

About her ride she confirmed that; “I am leaving with my Hyundai SUV…..”

The grand finale would take place at Aztech Arcum, starting with red carpet by 4pm followed with the main events. Follow our page to get Live updates…..


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