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Rape Accusation in Nigeria:Dbanj and Seyitan who is telling the true superstory?

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Rape Accusation in Nigeria:Dbanj and Seyitan who is telling the true superstory?

The Dbanj and Seyitan matter is now looking like superstory or should we say a movie because both parties are confusing us. Let’s start analyzing from the very beginning when this whole drama began.

So singer Dbanj was against the whole rape cases and posted on his social media page condemning the act. It turns out that a rape victim who happens to be Seyitan saw his post and condemned him for making such post when he is also guilty of rape too. The accusation didn’t end there, Dbanj took the matter very serious by suing his accuser of 100 million. There were reports that the accuser was arrested and held in custody by Dbanj team, infact this annoyed some celebrities and they called out Dbanj. See this post below.

Now why many of us are lost is because of a post by popular activist segalink, he stated that don’t believe every info that is shared online and we should be careful. He also stated that the matter is very complicated said that Seyitan was never arrested but she is under pressure and we should let her be. So who do we now believe, was she raped by dbanj 🙄 many unanswered questions.

Here is another fresh report from segalink about the Dbanj and Seyitan issue;

I really want to appreciate Seyitan’s family at this difficult time. It is indeed a pleasure speaking with you this morning. I’m glad to be filled in on the missing links as well as elated to know we are on the same page as regards the fact that Seyitan’s interests is paramount.

As discussed, permit me to communicate seyitan’s family’s position on this matter, which consistently represents the prayers and wishes of Seyitan: She deserves her peace and a normal life.

Seyi is not a liar. She has been under untold strain which may have contributed to communication gaps and inconsistencies that have now being put into perspective. I would like to clarify that she was arrested and detained based on a petition which was eventually pulled out.

The family will take it from here and all warring parties are hereby advised to stand down and respect the wishes of the family

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