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#PrayforNigeria; How the nation is bleeding seriously

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Nigeria is in trouble! Recent attack especially this week alone is scary and has resulted to loss of so many lives which is heart breaking.

The issue of herdsmen attack is the major challenge Nigeria is facing over the years especially in the tenure of President Buhari. Their recent attack in Plateau state got a lot of people down, about 200 people or more bled and died in the hands of this herdsmen who butchered them, honestly is this fair and people are asking President Buhari what is he doing?

Nigeria really needs Prayer, the President is termed a failure already. A recent report even stated that we are now the poorest nation in the world when we have enough resources, very sad and shameful.

The attacks keeps going on in other states and we can still feel slow decision making. Others sad occurrences is the Bodija attack (Civilian and Police clash), Ebonyi and Ukelle Cross River Clash, Tanker Explosion in Otedola bridge killing many and more…..

Someone said; Lord please raise a judge for us just like you did for the Israelites ! We need someone with your spirit . A hero that is ready to drive out the evil ones with your help. We don’t need a tribalistic person. One who would put an end to this!

And honestly we need this Prayer……God help us…..Amen

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