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Port Harcourt is similar to Lagos -Joeboy; and find out his 2020 plans

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Joeboy is such a vibe, we had a little chat with him when we saw him in Port Harcourt were he told us how awesome 2019 has been, the 2019 plans and why he loves Port Harcourt.

Read it all below;

How has 2019 been for you; Omoh its been amazing from Baby to Beginning to Dont Call me Back to All for You to Blessings … like everything has been really accepted by people and i have been touring Africa, touring the world. I have had shows in Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Dubai, Zambia, Zimambwe, South Africa like everywhere… so its been amazing for me really like i would say its the biggest year of my career so far…..

What are the plans for 2020; In 2020 bigger things mehn, like i cant wait to drop the songs i have planned for 2020… The song is going to blow your mind, trust me i am going to give them and everybody is collecting next year (laughs).

How do you see Port Harcourt city; Yea is a place i would actually like to hang out, like its somehow similar to Lagos, that rush like on the road like is very very similar to Lagos and so its cool. Feels like home too.

Tried Bole and Fish? Not here not in port harcourt yet…..

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