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People have this to say about Aliko Dangote being 64th richest in the world…read

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Aliko Dangote ranking among the richest men in the world got people talking, Bloomberg Billionaires Index released the list of richest men in the world and Africa’s richest man Aliko Dangote sits on number 65 of the list of 500 of the world’s billionaires with a $16.6bn fortune.

Three other Africans were also included in the list which had Jeff Bezos on the number 1 spot with $136bn and Barry Lam on the 500th spot with $3.86bn.

The other Africans, all South Africans, include Nicky Oppenheimer, who sold his family’s 40 percent stake in De Beers, the world’s biggest diamond producer, to mining company Anglo American in 2012 for $5.2 billion in cash. Oppenheimer has a net worth of $7.05bn.

It also has Johann Rupert, who controls the world’s largest luxury watchmaker, Cie. Financiere Richemont, through a family trust. Rupert has a net worth of $6.84bn.

The other African on the list is Natie Kirsh ($6.09bn), who controls Kirsh Group, a closely held conglomerate with a 75 percent stake in food supply business Jetro Holdings.

See the full list HERE.

See what people are saying especially Nigerians;

While we celebrate Aliko Dangote‘s networth growing by 23%; a subtle reminder that the difference between Jeff Bezos (136b) and Bill Gates (98.4b) is 2.3 times Dangote’s worth(16.6b) My account balance is (0.23m)k I am poor. Let me be.

Aliko Dangote made bla bla bla amount, and became the most richest whatever in Africa overnight. Thank God they say his the richest in Africa, not Nigeria

Continue looking for people’s PANT Aliko Dangote has moved from 103rd to 64th richest man in the world, after making $5.8bn in 24 hours..

Aliko dangote move to 64th rich man in the world. Africa isnt doing bad we have a representative.
Hmm, man getting richer, nation getting poorer. Okay o! Nigeria overtakes India as world’s poverty capital..
People keep working you can be like Dangote soon….
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