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Painful to Watch! She got Flowers until she finally died 😢 Dorcas Fapson Narrates

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Dorcas Fapson narration on “I Got Flowers Today” is so touching and explains everything about Domestic Violence especially on women. The Actress wrote;

‘I Got Flowers Today’… is poem by Paulette Kelly that I read years ago.. I decided to develop & adapt it for screen as it’s such an important msg that hits home… I know victims of abuse that choose to stay, for several reasons… I’m not here to judge, cause it’s hard. I know, but I need you to understand that NO reason is worth your life.
Even if this touches just ONE person I’m happy af!!!!

Dorcas Fapson produced the movie and created the movie with Ghanaian actor Mawuli Gavor. Watch below and spread the message or report any involved in Domestic Violence.


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