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Falzthebahdguy has released a new song titled “This is Nigeria”, a parody of the song “This is America” by Childish Gambino which addresses all the issues faced by black people in America but Falz version talks about all the issues faced by Nigerian in Nigeria. Here are some of the details hinted by faltz, you probably had missed.


In the beginning part of the song we can see two boys fighting each other, this is referencing the constant violence among youths in Nigeria, due to cult groups around the country.


Herdsmen Killing:

In the video we can clearly see what appears to be a herdsman beheading someone with out showing any remorse for human life.

Chibok/Dapchi girls:

Over course of the song we can see falz dancing with some set of girls who appear to Chibok or Dapchi girls who were kidnapped in 2014 and 2018 respectively by the Boko haram sect.


“This is Nigeria just because am on TV nah person wey

no get work is checking to see if my watch is original. “

This part of the song is referencing the rate of unemployment in the country. The rate of unemployment seems to be increasing year by year.


Madam Philomina:


“This is Nigeria, Where is that Madam Philomina, Money Vanish from your office 36 milli, you say na animal.”

Philomina Chieshe a jamb official who claimed that a snake stole 36 million from her care, was referenced in the song.

Nigerian Recession:

“Never ending Recession oh”

Despite claims that Nigeria is out of recession by the Federal Government, Nigerian are still having difficultes. That is what he meant by never ending recession.


Corrupt Politician:

“Where looters and killers and stealers are still contesting election oh, Politician wey thief some billion and billion he no dey go prison oh.”

I am not mentioning any names here but this part of the song clearly shows how in Nigeria, politicians get away with any thing and still come back for re-election giving the masses no choice but to vote for the same people over and over again.


“police station dey close by 6, Security reason oh”

They say police is your friend but not in Nigeria, this part of the song shows the high level of insecurity in the country and how the masses have loss trust in security system.


Drug Abuse and Apathy:

In the video we can see young men drinking what appears to be codeine and not caring about what is happening in the song. This shows how the youths have turned to drugs instead of caring about the society, due to frustration.

Big Sister Naija:

“My brothers and sisters, i want you to put your hands up right now because your miracle is coming this week, if you believe me, let me hear you say amen”

If you notice there is little parody to the Big Brother Naija, where a young man is celebrating after winning 25 million and a car then falz says your “Miracle is coming this week” referencing to the winner of Big Brother Naija.


Stolen Ballot boxes:

Here you can clearly see a politician given the instruction to rig the vote. This is one of those electoral malpractice that is happening around the nation.


Fake Pastors:

“This is Nigeria, praise and worship, we singing out, pastor put his hands on the breast of his members, he’s pulling the demon out”

One thing about the song is that, it is not just blaming the Federal Government but every other sectors including  religious sector. It shows how so called “men of God” take advantage of people’s faith and abuse members.

Lack of power supply:

“This is Nigeria, No Electricity daily, oh”


This doesn’t come as shock to any one in Nigeria, of the lack of power supply, making generators to be the only means of generating power. Falz mentioned that while shooting the song that they had to use four generators because no light.

Commonwealth speech:

“Young people are still working multiple jobs and they talk say we lazy oh”

This talking about the speech made by President Muhammadu Buhari during the Commonwealth business forum, where he made a speech which Nigerian youth translated it to him saying they are lazy.

Yahoo Yahoo:

“yahoo yahoo don tear everywhere now and we act like it’s so cool”

Falz clearly states in the song that he is against the fraudsters known as yahoo boys. This is not the first time falz is complaining about them, he told hip TV in 2017 that celebrities should stop hailing yahoo boys and making them look cool.

“Casting the P and being castigated for just trying to be Noble

still on the “yahoo yahoo business” after popular Nigerian blogger “Noble Igwe” was branded a snitch for exposing yahoo yahoo boys, falz is telling us how most Nigerians are supporting this fraudsters and making yahoo boys look like heroes in the story.

Police Brutality:

“This is Nigeria, look at my nation oh , SARS stop me road, any explanation, you go talk am for station oh. ”

Special Anti-Robbery Squad is known for their unlawful arrest of young people for no apparent reason and branding them criminals. In the video you can also see that once they are paid, all is well and for those who can’t pay like they say all is history.

Break in transmission…. trans….

After Nigeria Inspector General “Ibrahim Idris” failed to give a speech due to the fact he had a break in transmission of … Falz couldn’t resist but to make parody because This is Nigeria.

Watch video below;

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The Senate has postponed the passage of the 2018 Budget.

The report by the joint Senate and House of Representatives’ Committee on Appropriations on the 2018 Appropriation Bill was not laid at the Senate before the chamber adjourned plenary to Tuesday next week.

The Senate cancelled today’s (Thursday) plenary to allow members of the All Progressives Congress caucus to prepare for the local government area congresses of the party holding on Saturday.

President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki, on Monday after a meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari, in company with Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, said the report would be laid this week, while the passage of the budget would be done later in the week or by next week.

The House of Representatives had defended the National Assembly’s failure to pass the 2018 Appropriation on Thursday as earlier planned.

The House stated that some details of the N8.612tn budget had yet to be fine-tuned by the Joint Committee on Appropriations.

The Chairman, House Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Mr. Abdulrazak Namdas, had last Thursday said the budget was scheduled for passage last week but had to be shifted to this week.

The joint Committees on Appropriations of the Senate and the House of Representatives was expected to present the report on the budget in the two chambers on April 19 but the report has since not been laid.


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