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Owen Shedrack Shares Few Tips on Winning Your Artist Promotion Rat Race with Bootstrapping

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Owen Shedrack Shares Few Tips on Winning Your Artist Promotion Rat Race with Bootstrapping

Owen Shedrack, Port Harcourt based entrepreneur and astute writer who is also the founder of “The Groth Innovation Centre,” took to one of his online channels to share a few insights on artist promotions, considering the challenges faced by upcoming arts and managements especially in the area of talent promotions with small or scarced resources. GistAlways.ng did a summary note.

In his usual writing style, he started with his “popular assumption” thus:

“My Popular Assumptions::
* Let us assume that becoming a potential cash out artist is as simple as producing “sellable” music consistently, tapping into the trend of the pop culture and channeling your few resources into the right promotional channels that helps you accelerate.
* That you see yourself having a music career.”

“—- (Disclaimer: Only read if you we both assume the same thing, or at least you want to take a thing or two)”

“The essence of this piece is to highlight how you can leverage a planned promotional pattern to push up in your music career.” He wrote.

He continued thus:
“Just like businesses have a planned financial year, you need to see your own career in light of an investment calender. This is because as an upcoming artist or struggling creative, you have to be more planned than even the star artist who has a luxury of budget.

Considering this, you also need to ask yourself underlying questions to bring your mind to the realities of your career and expectations.

Where do I want to be by the end of December 31st, 2020? What numbers would serve as proof or what are the key indicators evidenced to the fact that I have progressed?

Do I need to go from 10 YouTube subscribers (maybe from friends) to 1,000 new subscribers?

Do I need to hit 5,000 Facebook page likes?
Do I need to hit 3,000 IG followers?
Do I need to hit 5,000 Twitter followers?

Do I need to optimize my social media channels to befit my personality?

Do I need two media features within this period? Why?
Do I need a radio tour in the middle of the year? Of what relevance?

Do I need to optimize and pose a customized digital channel befitting of an artist? Do I have the know-how? What can I do? What else would I hire someone to do?

How many songs should I release within this period? Who are the collaborations I need? What promotional plans should I set up for this number of songs in line with my overall goal? What will it cost me? How can I bootstrap the cost? Would I crowdfund or get a job/or part-time gig to foot this plans?

What major relationships do I need to make within this period relevant to help me crush this goals? 5 DJs? 3 OAPs? A media house? A marketing pro? Writer? 3 Producers? Event owners or A&R Personel? Video producing guy?

What necessary capacity building programs I need to participate that will make sense for my career? How many small shows do I need to perform on to gather contents as proof of concepts for my career and promotions?

What should I do to set up a small trusted followership(local fans) for my career organic-promotions (what would motivate them? Any budget for them?)

Who’s my digital / media lead? Does he have the technical know-how or experience to use my small money on digital promotions? Does he have the network with the guys that own the online platforms? Does he have feasible rate cards to make budgeting easy and clear?

What’s now my overall budget for the year? Since I’ve not blown yet or might not blow possibly in the next two year period, how can I foot these bills, carry out the plans, maintain a near consistent career and still stay sustainable (with food on my table, shelter on my head and clothes on my body) without Gbese and frustration?

For those of you who run ads as artists or creatives. Please here are a few tips too he shared.

* Don’t promote an ITunes link on Facebook, Instagram or any audience network to audiences who uses Android devices or just everybody. Lol. (You grab? No? Target only people who use apple devices. You should grab by now.)

* It is better to run a Spotify Audio ad than promoting the Spotify link on Facebook or any other audience network. (No one would leave Facebook to go listen to something on Spotify, it is better to market to people already on Spotify. Grab?)

* It is better to pay for ads to get subscribers to your YouTube channel, up-to 5K subs, then you can run video views ads for some of your top 3 videos. You stand a better chance of getting recurrent viewers, more subscribers and better chances to optimize your upcoming contents. Follow the algorithm.

* A trick about interviews and feature, you should always drive traffic to you or your channels or your work. (Do you run interviews without your video embedded on the interview? Without links to your digital channels? I mean, what was your goal for the feature?) or you didn’t pay good money?

* Your bio link as a growing/upcoming art is not fanlinkto(its for stars with fan base already). Your link should either be directly to your YouTube channel, or your iTunes or Spotify link or Soundcloud, without a bridge. Just choose one. No time. Nobody at this stage is going to give you more than 20 seconds attention. Utilize the small time they give you to achieve quick goals.

* Never boast a post. If you want to run ads on Facebook or Instagram, use a Power Editor by Facebook (Facebook Business Manager) or contact a Pro. PS: Your daily ad budget after testing is better at at-least $3. If you run ad for less than that, you may not have better results. For an artist, your ad goals should be video views, or page likes or click to your website (on YouTube channel). Don’t dash Facebook money that you don’t have.

* For every ad you run, there should be a goal, and attach numbers as your KPI.

* A good way to drive quick attention to your self as a brand is to plan a 12 months ad campaign where you do monthly covers for the top songs trending at that time and run ads on them (possibly, 14 days ad) on a considerable budget. (you can choose between YouTube views ads, or Facebook-Insta cross platform ads. It’s a new trick and opportunity the digital age has presented creative to reach a wide range of audience showing that you are good. Who knows, your helper may be watching within these period.”

Owen often shares insights on bootstrapping your career and business. Follow Owen Shedrack across social media channels with @OwenmaryJ

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