Nothing is stopping the people of Sudan, find out why

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For the whole week country Sudan has been a major after their President stepped after ruling for 30 years 😯 Sudan ‘s President had to step after a serious protest by the people in the country. After that the military took over but the people still did not accept and went into another leader which made the military to also step down.

According to reports Sudan’s Defence Minister Defence Minister Lt.-Gen. Awad Ibn Auf who’s also the leader of the military council after the removal of President Omar al-Bashirhas stepped down.

Auf stepped down on Friday night, in an announcement on national television, and named Lt-Gen Abdel Fattah Abdelrahman Burhan as leader

The people insisted that they’ll stay put until the military hands over to a civilian government.

The newly appointed military leader is said to “have a cleaner record” than most generals, and have been seen interacting with protesters.

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