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Nollywood goes towards Science Fiction

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Hello, Gist Fam there is a short film currently in development that has me excited and it called “Hello, Rain” based on the short story “Hello, Moto ” by Nnedi Okorafor. So what is all about, well it is just like the classic juju films we grew up with but with Science fiction along with it.

A witch-Scientist combines witch-craft and Science to make a pair of wigs for herself and her friends, but like every science fiction/Witchcraft movie something went wrong and now she has clean up her mess.

I have to admit the fact Nigeria is going towards Science fiction is cool and since they are not throwing away their tradition is even cooler after seeing trailer, which was cool and had some good Narration and  i saw a bit of superman heat vision going on in the trailer and i can’t wait for this new genre in Nollywood. I hope they use good CGI(Computer Generated Imagery) unlike some other Nollywood Movies.



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