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No leave No Transfer! Highlights of the gods must be crazy by Arinze Baba

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It was so exciting to see people turnup at the gods must be crazy comedy show by comedian Arinze Baba supported by 001 entertainment after five years since he last hosted a show in the city of Port Harcourt.

From  the very colourful designed red carpet that had Arinze Baba images all round 😁 with the creative photobooth that made the guest glued in taking pictures, to the well designed stage and great performance the event was a huge success.

Arinze came out to the stage in a grand style and was overwhelmed by the turnout. He said he hasnt done any show since after 5 years and 20 years of his journey hasn’t been easy from handling camera to being a band boy, hosting shows on radio and many more in all he his grateful. The Rumuola born comedian said, No leave No Transfer that the state belongs to us and they most work towards expanding it and making the city grow. We were also entertained by his jokes which were educative and a special band performance.

Arinze Baba
The Entrance

Other comedians who thrilled the audience before Arinze Baba were Adviser, Romeo, Bethram, Gordons, Dan D Humorous, MC tagwe, I go dye and many others. There was  also a special music performance by the revolution band.

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