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Nigerians have no chill 😁 the National ID card law made them say this…

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Honestly Nigerians have no chill at all, so a new law was imposed on the National ID card by National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) stating that the card renewal is #3000 while replacement is #5000.

This brought a lot of reactions and opinions by some Nigerians. See them below;

3k to renew National ID card.
Leeemaooo I rather buy 3K suya.😂😂😂

The card renewal is N3000, while National ID replacement is N5000.
If you withdraw money, Gov’t will collect money.
If you deposit money, Gov’t will collect money.
If you use POS, Gov’t will collect money, etc.
Very soon Nigeria Gov’t will tax us for breathing too much.

Please if I refuse to pay 3k or 5k to obtain the National ID card, will I be deported to Canada?

Traveling passport, driver’s license & national ID card will all expire, and @nigimmigration, @FRSCNigeria & @nimc_ng will make you pay to get them renewed, but @inecnigeria made your voter’s card to have life validity.
Only our votes matter to them.
This is deliberate wickedness

Everywhere fraud. No governmental organisation without corrupt practices. The government still pays N18,000 to the least worker and expects him to remove N5,000.
We’ll have a country someday but today, we have a masquerade town.

That means when the card expires, I am no longer a citizen but a foreigner. I will just wait for my Nigerian citizenship to expire so you can deport me to UK.
Thank you for the update. I’m not sure if you people think at all.

Did mine in 2015…got my card late last year . It will be expiring in 2022. Aside the “bragging right” that I have a National ID….I’ve never used the card for anything. I think the NIN is just enough.

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