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Nigerians cant breathe as Iphone 12 hits the market soon

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Yes ooo Nigerians can’t breathe since Apple announced about the release of Iphone 12 and this how Nigerians are reacting;

iPhone 12 is already coming out ? Apple must think we are growing money behind our house

iPhone 12 is already coming out? This is the time for we broke people to intensify our prayers, The Angels must blow this trumpet this month.
Enough of al these worldly oppressions.

To all iPhone lovers, if u can’t afford the yet to released iPhone 12, just buy two iPhone 6ix..Do the maths. 

After I saw that tweet about the new iPhone 12, my heart has been doing gbis gbis! wait, ddnt iPhone 11 come out last week? Dear Apple, i can’t develop high BP because of you people 😒😏 

PS5, IPhone 12?? These people don’t think about us in this Nigeria?😭😭😭 

😂😂 iPhone why now my guy just sold his kidney last week for iPhone 11, now you’re talking about iPhone 12, he only has one kidney left his livers are still growing.

Apple checking out digital cameras to look for the next little camera feature to add to the iPhone 12 and name it iPhone 13 

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