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Nigerians are remembering Terry G for the following

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Singer Terry G is been remembered for a lot in his creative side of music after a comparison came online between him and Naira Marley.

The Terry G a.k.a Akpako master days was a vibe, below are some of the things he is been remembered for and what people are also saying about him.

“Testing microphone eyy, Terry G testing microphone eyy…”This line had the power to temporarily bestow instant madness for roughly 4 minutes on any listener, accompanied by short term, full-body craw craw causing you to perform the ritual dance for the alanta gods.

I’m a Marlian but comparing Naira Marley to Terry G is blasphemy. Akpako master that his head is not correct. Somebody that did part 1-3 for a song that we all knew did not make one single sense but once he rang that his bell, we’d be scratching our chests like possessed monkeys.

Terry G release one song and full church forget the Christian version
👇👇👇👇👇 Choir mistress: oh lord come down and manifest ur power (X2) Choristers: mano no gedege, mano no gedege owey

Free Madness was so Lit Terry G had to make a Part 2 of the song , the part 2 was so Lit he had to make a part 3, the part 3 was so lit he had to make a part 4. RESPECT THAT MAN !

Terry G was here in the Era of little or no Social Media, he reigned in the late 2000’s. If there was Social Media to help his Hype back then, he would surpass Naira Marley easily. Naira Marley has to do this for 3/5years straight for any comparison.

Terry G that could boldly say “This one na non-sense” in the intro of his song

Terry G prolly came at the wrong time just as Xavi, Iniesta, Sneidjer, Neymar and Hazard all came in the wrong era designed for only Ronaldo and Messi.

Below are some of his songs

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