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Nigerian Queen management calls out Rivers State Government

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LThere seem to be a slight change in the entertainment industry in Rivers State for some time, this change in the industry is as a result of few individuals who have been investing in Rivers State entertainment industry despite lack of support.

One of those individuals who have contributed to the growth of the entertainment industry is the CEO of 001 Entertainment and Nigerian Queen Pageant. The Nigerian Queen Pageant has help groom a lot of ladies and also make them stand out in the society.

The Pageant which was formerly known as Queen of Trust has grown to be one of the best and outstanding pageant in Nigeria. Every year the management improves and work on a unique standard that has got the attention of people outside the city of Port Harcourt where it has been hosted for over 11 years.

For the 11 years a lot has been put into the event and unfortunately the Rivers State Government has not paid attention or even supported the event. The CEO of the Nigerian Queen , Kelvin Amroma boldly stated that for 11 years of the event there has been no support from the Government and this has brought the option of taking the event out of Port Harcourt.

He wrote;

….For 11 good years 001 Entertainment has consistently hosted the Nigerian Queen Grand Finale,  in Port Harcourt. Within these 11 years, has won awards as best pageant in Nigeria for reputable ORG outside Port Harcourt. For these 11 years, Nigerian Queen has never been supported by any Rivers State Government or by any politicians.

Nevertheless Nigerian Queen is beyond a pageant and remains one of the biggest and most organized show ever in the city. Yearly the Nigerian Queen events  employ/empower over 300 persons within the state.

He added with the question, Why do people/companies/artists/entertainers event organisers keep looking down on anyone/anything from Port harcourt???

An option has been made between Lagos, Abuja and Calabar for the Nigerian Queen Pageant 2020 edition to be hosted and if the event leaves Port harcourt it won’t be encouraging for the entertainment industry in Rivers State.

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