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#NigeriaDecides; Is Nigeria ready for the 2019 elections..

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The Nigeria 2019 elections happens this months, the question now is are they ready to vote???

There are also questions of if they have their Permanent voters Card (PVC) too, here are opinions of the 2019 elections;

Come out to vote and protect your vote. You matter, your vote counts.

To everyone that has been insulted for declaring support and love for President Buhari, in 12 days time you’ll celebrate.

In Nigeria, the epitome of wealth/prosperity/achievement for a young person is a government appointment, not a fast growing business. So that is what people hustle for. Till this changes, we won’t see any real economic growth.

Sending PMB to retirement is a duty we owe our future generation

Do you know that Bad Leaders are “Elected” by Good Citizens who don’t Vote? Make sure your vote counts

My PVC be doing press-up💪💪 and waiting for 16th February.. Even if them shoot gun, I’ll risk it out n vote.

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