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#NewYearsEve: There was a Decade by Azuka Jebose

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Yes there was a Decade we laughed and cried, we mourned, we loved and lived. The years came steadily and a decade suddenly ended. Strangers and visitors became settlers among us, together we felt the echoes and tremors of our sorrows and the vibrations of our cracked laughters.

This decade, a child was born, a wife died, a sister too, a mother also died, a father, brother and a friend died, too. A father and husband went to jail, another father continues to languish in jail, battered by stroke, a Nigerian became homeless, another died from homelessness, misunderstood and neglected, rejected by a people: this was the decade: a home was touched and torched by brutalities of fatal strange and known illnesses. A few survived with scars from that experience. This life!.

This decade, we remain diverse, divided along ethnic and tribal nomenclatures, a man made design to ulter our civilization. This decade, even as we came together to celebrate or to mourn, we pretended and faked admiration , unity of our souls. Our religions and beliefs weaponized against us, by us.

Where did we go wrong?

When shall we learn to live as beloved occupants of this planet earth?.

Soonest, the clouds shall shift at dusk, the big yellow moon and dazzling stars shall illuminate and tease our earthly pathways, from the dark sky, until sunrise. The new decade is moments away: we will continue with love, laughter and life: a marriage shall be tempted to fall apart, love may walk away, life may suddenly extinguish, the living shall be lucky or falter: a reminder that everyone is at the departure lounge, waiting for his or her flight time.

This Is Life…..May this new decade be kind to you.

By Azuka Jebose

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