Names of Coronavirus patients who escaped from Osun isolation centre

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Last night in Osun state 6 confirmed Coronavirus patients fled the isolation centre in Ejigbo, Osun State.

Their names & details are:

1. Lawal Waliyulah, Masifa Ejigbo, 08063691573,

2. Lasisi Murafat, Olugbodi’s compound Ejigbo, +22505368845 C/o Ganiyat Alabi 08075441187,

3. Yusuff Afees, Ile Alawe, Ejigbo, 07011196193

4. Isola Abibat, Olori compound, Ejigbo, 08055905010

5. Nua Oyeleye, Ile Jesu, Oguro Ejigbo 08109375276

6. Juel Olasupo, Baale compound Ejigbo 08149584397

IF you know any of these people, Please contact @PoliceNG and @NCDCgov

ALL the above people are POSITIVE for Coronavirus. They are HUGE risk to the community of Ejigbo, the state of Osun and the country as a whole. Please kindly help the authorities to apprehend them and isolate them. Hiding these people would get many people killed in Osun State.

At this point in time, Public safety and the lives of other people SUPERSEDE private identity of escapees from a quarantine facility. We have to put public safety FIRST. If you know these people and you say nothing, you are a murderer just like them. Pls help the authorities.

Medical Ethics demand that when public safety is at risk, a patient loses right to confidentiality. We cannot keep their identities private when their actions has put a whole community and state at risk.

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