Naira Marley blasts Kaffy For Rubbishing Soapy Dance

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Rapper Naira Marley has slammed Nigerian dancer Kafayat Shafau, otherwise known as Kaffy, for condemning the dance accompanying his new tune, Soapy.

The musician introduced the new dance craze earlier this week, following the release of the song that seems to endorse and promote masturbation among the youth.

When doing the dance, one is seen making hand gestures mimicking a man masturbating to achieve orgasm for personal satisfaction.

But Kaffy says its a “disgusting and immoral dance” that “should never be encouraged” for it to trend.

“This is a No,” she said. “As dancers, we should also speak for what if right, we shouldn’t encourage this for the sake of trend. Esp when it’s not even censored away from kids, as an adult self it’s offensive. #rubbish.”

However, reacting to the criticism from the 39-year-old choreographer, Naira Marley said Kaffy is old and no longer useful to the new generation of musicians, in terms of selection of dancers.

”You are not the queen of dance,” he said in a live video on Instagram. “We don’t use you anymore. You have gone with the first generation. Those of us in this generation, how would we use you?. Why you nor go talk rubbish. We nor fit use you now”

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