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My communication with Teni for “No else Remix” was via Social Media -Idahams

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My communication with Teni for “No else Remix” was via Social Media -Idahams

A little time with Idahams the hit boy and Port Harcourt born artist made us know a lot of interesting things about him. Find out from the interview below;

Summary of 2019; Although at the beginning of the year it wasnt rosy, it was stressful but you know how God would do things he said just keep working and every other things would add up and for idahams i put in my work and make sure my work they are top notch and i take my time to do my music. If your a fan of idahams you would know  that idahams music is not everybody kind of music i dont do those beat kind of my music, my music has a lot of inspiration that it gives to the youth, it send a lot of messages to the youth and positively.

Featuring Teni; When i did a song with Teni it came like a surprise, like a miracle i chatted teni up and we started talking from there we were in the studio and we did a song, we communicated via social media i talked to my management they came through, her management also came through and we did the collaboration and that was how no one else remix came about

Signing with Universal Music; Signing idahams to Universal Music an international record label is a motivation for me, which means i need to put in more work, i dont need to relax, i dont need to feel ah an international label has signed idahams so let me just chill no i need to put in more work because a lot of people what to be signed to universal so what makes idahams different from every other artist is that i put in work, i make sure i take time to do my music and everybody loves my music.

Moments Mr 2kay and his relationship with grafton records and him; i wrote and produced the song “God Can Bless Anybody” with 2kay and i dont want to talk about him not being on the label but we are good.

Expectations from 2020 and about Port Harcourt entertainment industry; More singles are coming and port harcourt industry is growing, i am happy that i am right in the center were everything is changing, a lot of people feel in Port Harcourt we have a lot of wack artist and no Port Harcourt people we put in a lot of work like me idahams you understand for me to come from port harcourt i know were i was before i even got signed, It was from Port Harcourt i got signed before i relocated to Lagos but we are working next year we are going to drop an EP from an EP an album back to back videos would be coming, singles would be coming so just watch out for me. Go to my social media pages @officialidahams on istagram and twitter, and follow up my udates. Expect more surprises, dont sleep on me and dont sleep on the hit boy and Port harcourt dont forget your boy is making you proud.

Watch some of Idahams best songs;

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