Muslim Society of Ogu paid a courtesy visit to the Amanyanabo….Read it all

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The head of Muslim Society Ogu stated that since the Ascension of the Amanyanabo to the Throne there had been Peace, Prosperity, Unity and Progress not only to the people of Ogu but also to the Foreigners at large.

They made the Visitation as a Gratitude and Appreciation for the Love and Kindness shown to them by the Amanyanabo and the good people of Ogu kingdom.
They stated that they have not seen a Community that embraces outsiders so much like the people of Ogu and pledged to maintain the peaceful Coexistence between them(Muslim Society) and the good people of Ogu Kingdom.

The Amanyanabo thanked them for showing respect for the throne.
He told them that Ogu Kingdom is open for any Peace Loving Persons to come in and reside.
He told them to Discourage anything that’ll bring a bad name for the Muslim Community in Ogu Town.
He said, “You are free to live peacefully in Ogu Town Provided you abide by all Rules and Regulations of Ogu Kingdom.”

“Ogu people Love visitors more than we Love ourselves but if any Visitor Misbehaves we shall deal with that person in Accordance with relevant laws of the land.”
“You are welcome”…..
“Be your brothers keeper and continue to maintain a peaceful coexistence”…

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