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Mugabe is gone! This is what the former Zimbabwe president would be remembered for

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The news of the death of Former Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has been a hot topic since the information was shared, the former Zimbabwe President died at the age of 95 in a Singapore hospital.

This is what people have to say about the death of Robert Mugabe;

Robert Mugabe is dead. He was a liberation hero turned tyrant. He killed more black Africans than the evil apartheid regime in South Africa. His massacre of 20,000 people in Matabeleland in the 1980s was the equivalent of a Sharpeville massacre every day for nine months! SHAME! 

In the 1980s, Mugabe ordered a crackdown against Ndebele people. Operation Gukurahundi killed ~20,000 civilians:

– People forced to dig mass graves, then shot
– Women and girls raped, sometimes in front of family
– Families pushed into houses and then set on fire 

´Mugabe was a Marxist. He was celebrated by much of the western left (& liberals) in the 70s & 80s. Yet ironically his Zimbabwe was an old-fashioned country where many conservatives, nostalgic for the 1950s, would have felt at home.

My favourite memory of Mugabe is the Northern British comedian who noted it spells e-ba-gum backwards.

Mugabe destroyed farms (incl black owned ones), was responsible for a genocide, destroyed Zim’s economy & had his people live in a climate of fear. But people praise him as a hero because he pissed off white people & gave farms to his friends. The bar is in Hell

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