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#MissWorld2019: Watch Miss Nigeria reaction that got the world talking…

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Yasssss Miss Jamaica won the Miss World beauty pageant but Miss Nigeria Nyeka Douglas reaction after the announcement warmed so many hearts and this has got everyone talking since last night.

Her reaction reminded us of Miss Nigeria reaction at Miss Universe which got many people’s attention too.

The Port Harcourt born queen got to the Top 5 from Top 20 to Top 10 and ended up becoming Miss World Africa. Watch the reaction video below;

Below are some beautiful comments made after the video went viral;

Nigeria must be the least badmind country in the world. U love to see it!!!! Lol big up Nigeria!!

It’s such a simple thing which ppl find hard. To support and encourage others in an unbridled way. It takes nothing away from you but makes you richer indeed. How she reacted is now viral, everyone is celebrating Miss Nigeria 🇳🇬 along with our Queen 🇯🇲Queens support queens

 Awww she said Miss Jamaica was her motivator during her low moments and to see her motivator win! This is genuine happiness! Selfless! Mek we adap har! She is an Honorary Jamaican! 

For the record, Miss Nigeria is now one of us… you are always welcomed here ma’am

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